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Experience with chrome

Posted in reviews by vengatc on September 30, 2008

Like most of the people im also an adrenet fan of google and its tools.When chrom was released i tried it the first day.

My first impression.

1. Great screen space.

2. Super look and feel.

3. Elimination of not frequently used icons from occupying the space for the web page.

I will rate it top in the ergonomics compared to other browsers.


1. It sucks in CPU usage. Im disappointed to see the browser take the entire CPU resource. How could Google program the browser this way???  Cant it manage the CPU resource, the most important one before releasing?? We know most of the time firefox hog the CPU and same does the IE. When google released  Chrom is  should have taken care of cpu overload issue with its programming.

Im back to firefox. And  i wish chrom resolve its cpu hog issue in the next release for me to adopt it back in my pc.

I can resolve the chrom hog issue for you google…. pay me for that 🙂


Agile development process with SCRUM technique

Posted in process by vengatc on September 30, 2008

Agile development process


1. Indiviuals and interactions over process and tools.

2. Working software over comprehensive documents.

3. Customer collobration over contract negotiation.

4. Responding to change over Following a plan.


                        Agile is a customized RUP (IECT) methology but with the above principles to be the guidlines. Scrum is the practicle implementation technique for Agile methology.

Scrum involves.

1. Project split into multiple sprints [Time frame directed]

2. Project has baglog items.

3. Each sprint has a chosen highpriorty baglog items to deliver.

4. Customers are alowed to updated the baglog items.

5. Custoemr contract delivery based pay model. not deliver the product as a hole.

6. Sprint planning meeting with manager and stakeholders(Chickens) and developers(Pigs) deciding the items in teh baglog tha tis goign to be developed in the sprint.

7. After spring palning meeting work units are  formed by developers based on the baglogs.

8. Daily there is a scrum meeting where each developer says what he has done.

9. New work unit generation is accepted and the new unit may be commited or left uncommited.

10. Each work unit is  2 hours of work item


Burn down chart

Burn down chart



11. Each sprint is give for test for testing (Test driven development ).