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SQL Performance debugging – Query Execution plan oracle

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explain plan SET STATEMENT_ID=’bad3′ for select * from v_carrier_test where c_id=2;

SELECT cardinality “Rows”,

lpad(' ',level-1)||operation||' '||
      options||' '||object_name "Plan"

CONNECT BY prior id = parent_id

AND prior statement_id = statement_id
 START WITH id = 0
       AND statement_id = 'bad3'

What should Google do next with its GoogleVoice to be a game changer?

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Will update my ideas here.., wait for it.

My bet on Technology’s future

Posted in Uncategorized by vengatc on April 12, 2010

Voice plans will be optional. Data plan will be what people pay for. Roi on Circuit switch Telecom network will be in negatives and packet networks will be a sharp increase. All voice will be voip.
New Telecom service providers will be competing with traditional umts or cdma service providers with cheap wimax plans. Mobile phones will run on wimax and will be purely data.

Operating systems and gadgets:

Android will be ubiquitous on devices like windows on desktops. Apple iPhone OS will less than half of android market share.Android will run on TV sets, home appliances etc. Even cars will run android in them. Users will have gadget independent, meaning u mobile,TV,car will show chat notification, event notification, incoming call etc. User will be identified not by number but by profile it.
A user can travel any where in the word after checkin into an hotel all he has to do is login With his profile I’d. TV, appliance, car etc will behave personally like his home.

On demand will be more common than today. User will be able to save his preferred show schedule to his profile and retrieve it in any TV after login.
Mobile will have similar content like TV. Cables will be a distant past. TV will also run on IP. There will be internet channel providers like Comcast who does it on cables and circuit.

Framework – Enterprise Information Integration (EII) that I developed

Posted in Uncategorized by vengatc on October 10, 2008

Again a challenge in my current job , here I have a sandwidched role of an architect and a Senior Engineer .I have no scope for giving escuses but crack all the problem that come in the way in achieving what we want.


Here we are building a datacenter based project where all the customers internal network information will recide in our company datacenter. So each customer will have his instance of database in the datacenter. Yeah i hear what you say… having instances of databases is a kill.. but we have to choose this so to cut down lot of development effort. So money (Vs) Design huristics??? Money wins.


Everything goes good in having a seperate instances of a database until there is no need to aggregate information across multiple databases. We wanted to do BI on the available data. But consider the in numberable databases we have in the datacenter we need a way to run query across databases. I mean a mean to run a same query across databases. I evaluated ETL tools like Kettle, Talend etc. I also tried to hack MYSQL to have a datagreegation layer in easiest way.. But nothing helped, no of the technologies i explored was crisp and clear to my requirement.

In short. I need a tool that takes my query .. aggregates data from mulitple databases, the number of datasources will be increaseing in runtime … and stil have a unified facade kind of simple interface.


Again as usual… I never give up any oppurtunity in get for writing any innovative frameworks solving business problems. I choose to write the EII(Real time data aggregation framework)from scratch.

(More info on this work… will be updated… got a important work to attend…)

Flex and POJO

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Flex can work with POJO with Life cycle data service and BladeDS product offerings of Adobe.

BladeDS server for tomcat is available at

Heads on Ruby and rails

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Unix Commands

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USer Addition.
useradd bill
passwrd bill

Remove directory recursively

#rm -Rf *

Migrating my platform

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Logging the work we do daily takes lot of efforts. But  for a person of my kind who work in new technology day in and day out exploring new things.. God given neurons  are  not sufficient.

Info in my small brain fades off as time passes… the relevancy of the new stuff undoes or overlays the old thing that i have done before. Doing a mere google in my brain return links relavent to the latest and recent post but not the older one.

So I need a dairy to log all the new stuffs i do. This would unlink the time factor from the relavency of the article i post.  So as always technology has come to the rescue.