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ApacheDS and Windows

Posted in LDAP, windows by vengatc on August 22, 2008

1. Download apache DS from

2. Creating a partition in ApacheDS doesnt work well. as shown in

3. So edit example entry with the entry you want.

4. Use JXplorer to create organizations.


Creating a clone in Windows virtual machine

Posted in windows by vengatc on August 22, 2008

Step1 : Windows vitual machine create a machine name and choose the memory size.
Step 2: Choose option to attach hard drive later.
Step 3: choose the network adapter and save configuration
Step 4: Stop the other server which you want to clone and copy the vhd file to the ur VOS directory.
Step 5: Go to configure of your virutal machine and attach hard and attach this vhd file.
Step 6: All set to go… start the new Virtual server.

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